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Yoga Mat


The body is an amazing thing. It holds us upright, it carries us through our day. We only get one body and need to do everything we can to keep it "tuned up". Complete YOU! combines weight training and yoga for a full body experience. Weight training will start off using your own body weight as a tool for building muscle and work up to using light weights and other equipment.  Weight training is essential for keeping our skeletal system in place, improving achy backs and posture.       


The Complete YOU! program allows you to make a full connection with the mind and body through the ancient practice of yoga. Yoga is one tool you can use in your fitness journey to build self-awareness and promote inner and outer strength. Our yoga classes are designed for all skill levels but the Complete YOU! Program is focused on building the foundations of a yoga practice through breathing exercises, meditation and learning key yoga postures and how you can modify and adapt them for your body. 

Hand Weights

Complete You!

Let our program help you build confidence, establish a healthy mind body routine .The hardest thing about real authentic change is taking those first steps. Let our trained team of fitness and yoga professionals show you the benefits of a Complete You! mind and body fitness routine. 


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