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Girls During Soccer Practice

Athlete Fitness Training  

Aptitude Fitness + Yoga, athlete yoga program is a great tool for athletes of all levels

Aptitude Fitness + Yoga, Athlete Fitness training  program is a great tool for athletes of all levels, complimenting your existing training routines. Our training programs are specifically tailored to your sport and where you are in your season. We focus on where you are as a team or individual athlete.. Athlete training goes beyond the need to improve one's need for speed and accuracy. It also helps to build strength in areas of the body that are worked in specific sports to cut down on injuries. This is especially important in young athletes, middle school and high school, who’s bone and muscle structure is EVER changing.

All sports require full body movements that challenge athletes to move more rapidly, accelerate/decelerate or change direction. Athletes and coaches are finding alternative ways to train when it comes to speed, accuracy and agility. Our fitness program will teach you how to make those quick maneuvers needed, while teaching the body’s muscles to react properly.

Sports Practice
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