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Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Certification

Saturday September 25th  | Level I Training $185 
Sunday September 26th   | Level II Training $250
Saturday & Sunday | Level I & II Training $385
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Reiki Treatment
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Reiki Level I Training 

Reiki Level I is an introduction to the concepts of Reiki Healing. During this course, you will connect directly to the Reiki source through Holy Fire. After Reiki Level I, the Reiki energy will be available to you through your intention. With this certification, you can treat and heal yourself and others hands-on and in person. From here, your connection will grow stronger with continued practice.

**No prerequisites for this course.

What's included in Level I Training:

  • How to self heal with Reiki

  • How to give others Reiki in person

  • History and Philosophy of Reiki

  • Reiki Level I Ignition (attunes students to Reiki, gives the ability to access Reiki energy at any time

  • Reiki Level I Manual

Reiki Level II Training

Reiki Level II continues to amplify your connection to the Reiki energy. This course opens up the energy centers of the body at a rate approximately 4x greater than the expansion from Level I.  It will refine your healing capacity, help others find relief from pain or discomfort, and enhance your spiritual connection. Because this is the Practitioner level, you may start charging for your Reiki healing services and are able to send Reiki through distance healing.

**Must have Reiki Level I certification to complete Reiki

Level II, from any teacher and in any Reiki tradition.

Included in Level II Training:

  • The ability to start charging for your services

  • Heal physical, spiritual, mental imbalances on a deeper level

  • Reiki Level II Ignition (ability to give healing through space and time/distance)

  • Reiki Level II Manual

Reiki Treatment
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