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Aptitude Fitness + Yoga, athlete yoga program is a great tool for athletes of all levels

Aptitude Fitness + Yoga, athlete yoga program is a great tool for athletes of all levels, complimenting your existing training routines. Our yoga classes are specifically tailored to your sport and where you are in your season. We focus on range of motion, body strength, breath work, mental focus and incorporating yoga into your daily life to enhance overall athletic performance.

Whether your goals are as a recreational athlete, competitive athlete, or aspiring collegiate level athlete, our classes are designed for all skill levels and all sports. Our athlete yoga program is great for incorporating classical yoga techniques and team building exercises for a perfect non competitive workout environment.


Yoga for Athletes 

Benefits of Yoga for Athletes: 


  • Increases Range of motion 

  • Promotes better breathings techniques 

  • Improves balance 

  • Proper energy management 

  • Increases Body Awareness 

  • Promotes Positive Mental Wellness 

  • Athletes become more Intune with their body 

  • Increases team camaraderie 

  • Prevents injury 

  • Complements existing training cycles on and off season. 


Meet our Instructor: 

Rachel Crowther is a 200-RYT-Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance and 95-RCYT-Registered Children's Yoga Teacher. She holds advanced training in kids yoga, teen restorative yoga, children's anatomy and inclusive yoga for all. Rachel is a former roller derby player for the Grand Raggidy Roller Derby. As an All-Star Team Captain and blocker Rachel knows what it’s like to compete on a national stage and the demands physically and mentally of playing competitive contact sports. After several years of grueling demands on her body Rachel found yoga and started finding a healthy balance between roller derby, adult life and yoga. Three years ago Rachel retired from Roller Derby to focus more attention on her yoga practice. She has over 400 hours of yoga instruction with over 150 hours in kids and teens yoga instruction. Rachel has also played soccer, basketball, volleyball and track and field competitively in her youth and understands the demands that being a youth athlete can have on  young bodies and minds. Let Rachel show your team how yoga can be incorporated into a healthy training regiment and ultimately a part of a healthy lifestyle.

Single Team Yoga Class

$8.00 per person minimum 10 students

4 Week Series

1 x per week $350 paid in advance 

6 Week Series

1 x per week $500 paid in advance

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